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What is DevOps?

DevOps Training

DevOps, much like agile development is a set of software development practices and operations that are common in software development. It is the integration of people, processes and work management to continuously increase quality in work and thereby providing value to the customers.

It denotes the collaboration of developers and IT operations teams to collaborate and coordinate each of their works to produce better results in short timeframes. The practises and tools in DevOps culture will help an organisation to better meet its consumer demands and achieve its business goals faster.

Why DevOps Training is Important?

DevOps practices enable teams to become high-performing and better co-ordinating units inside the company. This improved co-ordination will help the organisation to better adapt to market needs and competition, improve the reliability and maintain stability in both the projects and the final outputs.

As a software professional, you will learn and understand the processes and steps involved in every stage of product development. As a result, your performance as both an individual and your team’s will improve. No matter which part of the project you might be, be it on the development side or the operations side, you will learn about the structures and processes that can be optimised to meet timely results.

A certification in project management elevates your career opportunities and floods you with opportunities in the management of projects. For a successful career in the software or information & technology industry, PRINCE2 or PMP certification is important.

What is DevOps Training?


DevOps training is designed to give IT professionals, an experience about the tools that have evolved with DevOps Tool chain. It focusses on continuous integration, deployment, containerisation, configuration management along with monitoring and maintenance.

What are the Prerequisites for DevOps Training?

To undergo DevOps training, it is viable to have knowledge about the following,

  • Containers
  • Scripting languages like Perl, Java, Python, YAML
  • Automation tools such as IaS framework
  • Working knowledge about Testing
  • Networking
  • Good communication skills

Your knowledge about the above parameters will help you ease through the training process. You will also need to have a working knowledge about CI/CD processes, monitoring (Nagios, Sensu, and Splunk), integration (Travis CI, Jenkins, and Bamboo) and management (Puppet, Chef, and Ansible).

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How Does DevOps Training Help You in Your Career?

DevOps training provides an assured career path with a steady growth. The training will help you gain extensive knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). You will also learn to perform multiple roles and tasks such as coding, integration and testing.

If you are a beginner you will start off as a release manager, from where you will move on to become a DevOps test engineer. With further experience you can become a DevOps Cloud Engineer and finally become a DevOps Architect.

Your experience in DevOps is reflected in your CTC to. For example, an entry level DevOps engineer gains a salary of £40,000 per year while an experienced DevOps Architect can demand salaries of up to £90,000 per year. As you can see, the average salary of a DevOps engineer amounts to £50,000 per year.

Why Our DevOps Training is the Best in UK?

At 3S IT Training, we provide you with the best DevOps training course that is designed to empower you with the knowledge of DevOps culture its key principles and benefits. The standard training extends up to 10 sessions. However, for people who need further clarification and extra practice can enrol in our extended training.

Our Training will provide you a complete knowledge about the DevOps world. We train you by starting from scratch, that is, from the basics and then help you advance through the course.

Our training procedure is more of a hands-on approach and our trainees are equipped for the job and not just the certification processes. Our teams with their broad experience in IT project and process management impart you with a thorough in and out knowledge about the DevOps set-up.

In our DevOps training, you will learn new tools like,

  • DevOps introduction
  • Fundamentals of DevOps
  • SDLC
  • Agile Methodology of Software development
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous delivery
  • Configuration Management
  • Linux Basics
  • Cloud computing
  • Docker
  • GitHub, Travis CI, Jenkins
  • Ansible, Puppet, Chef.
  • Maven

& many other modules will help you get the best practical experience in the software development.

How Good is the DevOps Job Market in the UK?

In the UK, there is a huge growth in demand for DevOps trained professionals. The growth in competition among the software companies have pushed them towards more automation and more streamlined operations. The need for integration of work practices coupled with the growing market demand has opened up attractive opportunities. Many a company from locations such as London, Wembley, Edinburgh, Manchester, Maidstone, Oxford, Bristol, Isleworth, etc. have called for experienced professionals offering attractive packages.

So, what are you waiting for? Get trained in DevOps at 3S IT Training & get your dream job.

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