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What is Salesforce?

SalesForce Online Training

Salesforce is one of the world’s leading customer relationship management suite. Unlike other CRMs, Salesforce comes with a host of powerful functionalities and abilities. With its wide range of applications, it has clearly positioned itself as the industry leader of CRMs. The multi-functional customer relationship management solution is a cloud based service. Further, it is easy to integrate marketing automation, analytics and other important products that are useful for large organisations. Some of the other advantages of Salesforce over other CRMS are as follows.

  • Case Management
  • Task Management
  • Automatic escalation
  • Social Networking Plugin
  • Analytical tools
  • Ability of customers to track their complaints and queries.

Why You Should Take Salesforce Developer Certification Training

Salesforce developers are important assets to their organisation. As a Salesforce Certified Developer you will be able to plan, develop, implement and maintain Salesforce applications, integrations and extensions. Of course, you will also be proficient in Visualforce, JavaScript and JQuery.

There a countless number of job openings and vacant positions at leading technology companies in London, Maidenhead, Wiltshire, Newbury, Watford, etc. You have opening at leading organisations in the domains of investment firms, insurance companies, marketing companies, eCommerce and telecom companies like Moody’s Vodafone, IBM, edX, Exxon Mobil, opus RS, PwC, etc. The average salary of a certified Salesforce developer is around £ 50,000/- per annum. However, as a fresher the salary can start anywhere from £ 25,000 to £30,000. The pay for experienced salesforce developers can be above £75,000 and even close to £1,00,000/-

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How to Become a Certified Salesforce Developer?

In order to get industry recognition and accreditation it is important to become a Salesforce Platform Developer I or Salesforce Platform Developer II. You can enrol for the certification at the Trailhead Salesforce platform.

You can learn the course and appear for the certification exam. After clearing the exam with the necessary credits, you will be certified. It takes approximately 70 hours to learn the necessary course content and almost double the same amount of time to practice and get familiar with the certification requirements.

At 3S IT Training we provide one of the best Salesforce developer certification training. Know more about the training schedule and fee by starting a WhatsApp chat with us.

Objectives of Salesforce Developer Training

  • To understand the fundamentals of Salesforce and get used to it.
  • To develop the pages using visual force.
  • Customising Salesforce application
  • The course also teaches configuration and best practices of Salesforce.
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Is Salesforce developer Certification for You?

Salesforce is a powerful CRM and development career in the Salesforce requires you to have a basic knowledge and experience in Java Programming and Data Base Management Systems. These will come handy for you to prepare for the Salesforce developer certification exam. Our top rated Salesforce developer certification course training provides complete guidance to you.

You can enrol in our course, if you are

  • A graduate out of college looking for a job
  • Working professional
  • Solutions architect
  • Integration developer
  • Database managers
  • Customer relationship professional, etc.

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Why 3S IT Training is the Best Salesforce Developer Training

3S IT Training has become as one of the most sought after online training institute in the IT field. This was possible only because of the constant improvements that we make to our course content and course experience. This Salesforce developer training is no different from the rest of our courses and it is designed to provide you with maximum learning at the shortest time interval. Our courses specifically cater to the needs of IT industry in United Kingdom.

Our instructor driven training gives you with absolute control over course schedule and course content. We customise the course content and course schedule to meet your specific needs. This is possible as we only take a small batch size. Moreover, all the classes are conducted in real time and practical trainings are provided to you.

Advantages of preparing for the Salesforce Developer Training

All our Salesforce trainers are working professionals with hands-on experience in the industry.

  • Knowledge focussed sessions.
  • Practical and useful trainings based on real life problems.
  • Reschedule your classes as per your time availability.
  • Online classes that protects you from any chance of infection due to COVID19.
  • Experienced and certified instructors.
  • Continuously updated course content to match the needs of salesforce certification.
  • 24X7 support.
  • Clarification of doubts even after the completion of the course.

Salesforce Developer Certification Exam

Salesforce certification gives credibility to your skills and experience as a salesforce developer. There are two levels of certification that you can choose from. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer – Level I & Salesforce Certified Platform Developer – Level II.

Exam fee for Level I exam is around £160 while the exam fee for the level II is around £300. Number of questions in both the certifications is 60 while the passing score and time for each exams are 65% and 110 minutes and 63% and 120 minutes respectively.

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