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What is Project Management?

Prince Project Management

Project management is the application of standard methods, processes, skills and tools to achieve specific targets. It depends on your personal knowledge and experience in work and a number of tasks with objectives like optimising the resources, realigning the objectives and managing the human resources properly. An expertise in project management helps you to grow easily in your career. Promotions, salary hike, benefits, recognition in the organisation and many other perks are only but a few things that you get when you improve your project management skills.

Why is Project Management Training Important?

Modern organisations give importance to project management as the efficiency and efficacy of an organisation and hence the profitability depends not only on how the organisation is managed but by how each and every project is managed. Every organisation works through rules and guidelines. Each and every department in an organisation has to set feasible goals to ensure timely completion of their processes. Project management in the IT sector is about clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of members working on a specific project.

By assigning clearly defined goals to the members, project management guidelines help them achieve their targets in the most efficient way possible.

A certification in project management elevates your career opportunities and floods you with opportunities in the management of projects. For a successful career in the software or information & technology industry, PRINCE2 or PMP certification is important.

What is PRINCE2 Certification?


Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) Certification is a project management methodology. It is both a process-based and a project-focussed approach towards systematic project completion.

In the UK, the PRINCE2 certification is required for professionals aiming to progress in software industry. Several studies have shown that certified professionals are much preferred by the industries and thus their employability increases many folds. The PRINCE2 certification authenticates the personnel’s knowledge in project management.

Advantages of PRINCE2 certification

  • It will help you learn about the broad array of project management principles.
  • It also divides the project plan into stages and sub-plans, thereby making it easy for you assign roles to the members and drive them towards project completion.
  • PRINCE2 Certification clearly defines the job roles and responsibilities of every member of the team thus ensuring an orderly approach towards project completion. Learning the principles will help you navigate through the projects easily, manage them efficiently and guide your team effectively.
  • You get industry recognised credentials and certification which legitimises your knowledge and experience in the domain.
  • It is a standardised certification which is used across the world alongside PMP. In the UK however, PRINCE2 certification takes precedence over PMP certification in many leading organisations and businesses. It is the industry standard certification for project managers.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is both project-focussed and process-based. Hence, it provides easy adaptability in your work environment.

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Who Can Pursue PRINCE2 Certification?

The PRINCE2 Certification equips you with all the core principles in project management and is necessary for the professionals working in the following roles,

  • Project Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Project Executives
  • Project Engineers
  • Associate Project Managers &
  • Software engineers who want to progress in the industry.

Apart from the above mentioned, any other professional with ample of experience in the industry and job profile can also apply for the project management training and get certified to be eligible for different profiles.

Why our 3S IT Training PRINCE2 Certification Training is the Best in United Kingdom?

At 3S IT Training, we provide with PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner training course. It is designed to empower you with the knowledge of the seven principles, processes, and themes described in the PRINCE2 guidelines.

You will receive a hands-on training about project management through PRINCE2 principles. Our practical training helps you learn about the program and enables you to tackle the certification exam effectively. We pride ourselves with providing a knowledge-based approach towards our trainees and this has proved better than exam-based training. Since, the training sessions are handled not only academicians but also by the experienced professional in the industry, you get best of the both worlds. A sound understanding of the theories and a solid grip on the realities of projects and how to manage them effectively.

Further, the project management professionals who have underwent our PRINCE2 training have received a number of job offers with attractive packages from important companies in leading cities of United Kingdom like London, Edinburgh, Wembley, Oxford, Ipswich, etc.

What Skills You Will learn in PRINCE2 Course?

  • Understand the seven themes in PRINCE2 guidelines
    1. Business Case
    2. Organization
    3. Quality
    4. Plans
    5. Risk
    6. Change
    7. Progress
  • Learn how to mitigate project risks.
  • Learn the seven principles underlining the approach
    1. Continued Business Justification.
    2. Learning from Experience.
    3. Defining Roles and Responsibilities.
    4. Management by Stages.
    5. Management by Exception.
    6. Focus on Products.
    7. Tailoring to the Environment.
  • Understand PRINCE2 Processes.

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