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What is Scrum & Scrum Master?

Scrum Master Training

Scrum is an integral and important part of agile framework. Software development and IT industry have switched to the agile framework as it is highly efficient and effective. It allows people and organisations to develop solutions for complex problems. The framework enables the team members to work collectively towards a goal by structuring and managing each of their work.

Collectively, Scrum consists of a set of tools and roles that work together to produce a valuable result. The Scrum framework can be implemented anywhere between the development stage and the testing stage. Some of the key roles in a scrum are

Product Owner – One who own the project delivery.

Scrum Master – One who facilitates the development team and helps to remove all the road blocks.

Development team – the workhorse behind the scrum framework.

Although, Scrum Master is not a team leader in real sense, the role of Scrum Master is pertinent to the success of the team and the successful completion of the project.

Who is a Scrum Master?

As the name implies, a scrum master is a person who follows the scrum framework to streamline the work of the development team. The role of a scrum master is that of a facilitator and not that of a simple manager. It is the responsibility of the scrum master to see that there are no roadblocks or disturbances for the smooth functioning of the team.

The main function of the scrum master is not to contribute to the team and help in the development but to facilitate the team. As a scrum master you will have to ensure that your development team has seamless flow of resources for the quick completion of the sprint. The product owner will help in decoding your user story and epics. You will be responsible for tasks and scrum sprints, sprint velocity, and capacity of the team. From product backlog to sprint review comes under the purview of the scrum master. As a result, you need to be flexible in your approach and actions.

Who can Become a Scrum Master?

There are no specific criteria to become a Certified Scrum Master. This is one of the key advantages of pursuing the certifications from Scrum Alliance. Anyone interested in furthering their career can get it. All it requires is for you to understand the scrum framework and software development lifecycle and clear the certification exam. With the certificate and your experiences adding up, you will become a professional scrum master in no time.

Although anyone can gain the certificate, some professionals in the industry tend to gain more through the certificate than the others. Professionals occupying positions such as Program Managers, Project Managers, Program Directors, Product Managers, Business Analysts, QA Leads, Test Managers, Technical Leads/ Developers, Customer Support Leads, Release and Operations Leads tend to gain more credibility by gaining the certificate.

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Advantages of Getting a Scrum Master Certification

Scrum Master Certifications open a flood gate of opportunities for you. It legitimises the knowledge and skills that you have in the scrum framework. Further, the certificate holders are preferred by many leading software companies in United Kingdom. Getting a Scrum master certificate will allow you to stand out of the crowd and effectively facilitate your team. Also, the certification shows you are more equipped than a conventional project manager.

Some of the advantages of becoming a Certified Scrum Master are,

  • Improve team facilitation.
  • Increase efficiency in your work and your team’s overall output.
  • Expand your career opportunities.
  • Getting a salary hike or a higher paying job.

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Should You Pursue Scrum Master Certification?

If you're anyone of the following then, a scrum master certification will benefit you.

  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Program Directors
  • Product Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • QA Leads
  • Test Managers
  • Technical Leads / Developers
  • Release and Operations Leads
Online Courses

Why 3S IT Training is the best place to prepare for Scrum Master Certification?

At 3S IT Training, we train you to become scrum masters and not just for clearing the exam and getting a certification. The certification exam requires professionals to have a minimum of 16 hours of in-person training with a Scrum instructor. Our scum master online training is handled by the experts in the fields and experienced professionals in the industry. This helps you to get a solid background in the theoretical aspects as well as practical exposure and experience about the real world projects. We help you to hone your skills in agile and scrum practices, project management and help you to be more self-organised.

We lay emphasis on teaching, accountability, teamwork towards valuable progress and attaining goals. Our previous batch trainees have got attractive job offers from leading software companies at various locations such as London, Wembley, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Maidstone, Oxford, Isleworth, Ipswich, etc.

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