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What is Load Runner?


Load Runner is a software developed by Micro Focus. It is the most widely used load testing tool and the performance test results from LoadRunner are used as a benchmark for other testing tools available.

It is used to test applications, measuring system behaviour and performance under load. It can simulate multiple users concurrently using a software, record the data and analyse the performance of the individual components of the software.

Advantages of Talend ETL

The key components of LoadRunner are,

  • VuGen – the Visual user Generator for generating and editing scripts. It records end-user actions and creates an automated performance testing script.
  • Load Generator which generates the load against the application by following scripts.
  • Controller which controls, launches and sequences instances of Load Generator. It specifies which script to use, for how long etc. During runs the Controller receives real-time monitoring data and displays the status.
  • Agent process which manages the connection between Controller and Load Generator.
  • Analysis that helps in assembling logs from various load generators and formats reports for visualization of run result data and monitoring data.

The scripting languages that can be used is usually ANSI C, however, Java and .Net programs can also be run using LoadRunner. Version 12.50 of Load Runner added the use of JavaScript for Web-HTTP/HTML scripts. Scripts from other testing tools like Apache JMeter, Gatling, NUnit, and Selenium can be run by LoadRunner by declaring an interface library.

Why You Need to Learn Load Runner Training?

LoadRunner being the widely used testing application in the software industry, it provides plenty of opportunities for both a career and growth inside the organisation for testing professionals. Major companies from all cities in the UK offer handsome packages for a professional well trained in the software.

Currently there are numerous job openings in Glasgow, Selhurst, West Yorkshire, Andover, Paddington, Hampshire, London and other cities. The salary for Load Runner certified professionals lie in between £40,000 to £70,000 per year. Most companies provide their pay based on the skill as opposed to the experience of the employee. So, even as a person with 1-2 years of experience, you can earn a very good amount. Further, the scope of career growth is also lucrative.

Key Skills of a Testing Professional

Some of the key skills the employers look for in a testing professional are,

  • Assisting performance test lead in all planning/co-ordination activities
  • Participate in agile ceremonies as required - Performance workload design
  • Performance test scripting
  • Test data preparation and data driving test scripts/sanity testing
  • Test environment verification
  • Test scheduling and communication
  • Set-up/arrange for server-side monitoring
  • Test execution and defect logging
  • Primary results analysis and test reporting
  • Regular housekeeping of performance test assets

So, it is necessary for you to gain in-depth knowledge in the most essential testing tool in the software industry. If you’re looking to change your career path by learning LoadRunner, then call us for further details.

Who Can Learn LoadRunner Certification Course?

This course is ideal for programmers who want to learn testing methodologies using the HP LoadRunner toolset. While Load Runner Training course can be learnt by anyone wanting to acquire a basic understanding and hands-on knowledge of Load Runner, the main audiences are:

  • People with programming experience in ANSI C.
  • People who want to learn performance testing (Load Testing, Stress Testing, Spike Testing, Endurance Testing)
  • People who have worked with other testing tools such as Neoload or JMeter or a fresher who wants to start with LoadRunner.
  • People who are currently working in software development and have interests in software testing and wanting for a broader understanding of software programming.
Online Courses

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Online Load Runner Training by 3S IT Training

3S IT Training offers a unique and broad package for freshers who are looking for opportunities in Software testing. Through this course you can learn LoadRunner functions such as,

  • Performance testing – fundamentals, Performance testing Life Cycle (Environment setup, POC, requirements gathering, etc.)
  • Setting up LoadRunner.
  • Various features of LoadRunner.
  • Scripting, Execution, Analysis in Load Runner.
    • Scripting using LR VuGen using various protocols
    • Parameterization and various options under it
    • Correlation (Manual/Automatic)
    • Customized loops/code in scripting
    • Execution using LR Controller
    • Analysis using LR Analyzer

3S IT training offers Live instructor led classes & training with regard to this course so you can have a seamless experience while learning.

What after the Load Runner Certification Training?

LoadRunner is an ocean. It is not humanly possible to read the whole documentation, protocols, user interface, etc. to understand them. So, it is recommended to go through the topics necessary for the exam and understand them first. 3S IT Training will cover you on this regard and provide you with every possible help during your preparation.

The LoadRunner certification involves a series of steps from the beginner to the expert level.

HP -AIS V11 (Recommended for Beginners)

To achieve this credential you need to pass 1 core exam and 1 elective exam. The Core Exam is “HP Virtual User Generator Software Exam.” And the elective exam is “HP LoadRunner Software Exam.”

The Core Exam: HP0 – M19

Test Fee: £ 45 – £ 120

The Elective Exam: HP0 -M18

Test Fee: £ 45 – £ 120

Job roles:
  • Consultant
  • Certified training instructor
HP ASE - LoadRunner v11(Recommended for Experts)

To achieve this credential you need to pass 2 core exams.

Core Exam 1 is “Scripting using HP Virtual User Generator Software” - HP0-M83

Core Exam 2 is “Performance Testing using HP LoadRunner Software” - HP0-M84

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